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How the hell did the theme from Sanford & Son wind up on a reggae mix?
Cracked me up! Anyways, this edition of the Dub Session is worth getting.

“It’s the early 70′s. Kingston, Jamaica is abuzz with funky reggae sounds, new electronic wah-wah guitar pedals, moog keyboard synthesizers, and tons of funk-dafied reggae experimentation from King Tubby, Lee Perry, Bob Marley, Big Youth, The Skatalites, and the Pioneers. This episode of the Dub Session podcast takes a trip to Kingston’s early 1970s funky reggae era, with some great reggae covers and versions of funk tunes. Episode 40 kicks off with “Some Good Old Funky Music” from the Meters, and then hits us from the top like a “Crazy MotherFunky” featuring two duos with Bob Marley and Lee Perry – “Caution” and “Shocks Amighty.” The Funky Reggae era lasted in Kingston from 1968 until 1974.”
as posted on Blentwell

Dub Session 40 – Funky Kingston mix
01 Intro – The Funky Meters – Good Old Funky Music
02 Bob Marley and Lee Perry – Caution and Shocks of Mighty pt. 1
03 King Tubby & Jacob Miller – City Of The Weak Heart Dub (Mixed by King Tubby)
04 The Ohio Players – Funky Worm
05 Cymande – 1972
06 The Funky Meters – Jambalaya
07 Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry – Kung Fu – Enter The Dragon – Theme from Hong Kong
08 Skatalites Meet King Tubby In Dub – Fugitive Dub – Motion Records
09 The Pioneers – Papa Was a Rolling Stone (reggae version)
10 Get Back – The Beatles (Toots and Maytals Reggae Version)
11 Lee Perry & The Upsetters – Jungle Lion
12 Jablonski – Soul Makossa -Out on A Funky Trip – Motion Records
13 Big Youth – Downtown Kingston Pollution
14 Version – Paul McCartney – Live and Let Die (reggae version)
15 Tommy McCook – Bubble Strut – Out On A Funky Trip – Motion Records
16 Bob Marley & The Wailers – Kinky Reggae – Catch_A_Fire (Original Jamaican Version)
17 Power Steppers – Dub Session Roots Future Bumper
18 Quincy Jones – Greatest Hits – Sanford & Son Theme The Streetbeater
19 The Dreads At King Tubby’s (1974 To 1977)- Dr. Alimentado & Jah Stitch-The Barber Feel It
20 The Funky Meters – Message From The Meters -
21 Lloyd Charmers & the Hippy Boys – Look-ka-py-py
22 Bob Marley – Chant Down Babylon Remixes- Roots, Rock, Reggae

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Great artwork of the Dub Session “Funky Kingston” mix! I love it!

I’m glad it inspired you to get Fred the funky Dread into a Jah-makin art piece. Nice!

Cool Runnings,
DJ Chill Will
host, the Dub Session Podcast

DJ Chill Will added these pithy words on Jul 21 06 at 10:55 pm

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