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Classical Savion (Eugene, Oregon) © Todd Cooper

Here are a couple of shots from Glover’s OBF performance last Friday night. Click here or on either image to see the whole gallery.
For a proper review, check out Gwen Curran‘s piece at the RG. I don’t think I could sum up the experience up better than she did here:

… he taps out mind- bending polyrhythms with a dexterity that shows him as a percussionist as well as a dancer.

Directing the chamber ensemble of eight string musicians with his feet and his eyes, he moves with, against, and in between the rhythms of the composer. Sometimes his feet seem to be barely moving and then he will stomp or jump. He finds the unique groove in every piece, putting percussion in concertos, suites and quartets that usually do not have an obvious beat.

The last part she described is what wowed me the most at the show. Savion would throw hip hop and funk grooves (that actually worked) over the classical composition and then spin back into some super intricate rhythms that would compliment the song in a totally different way.

Mind. officially. blown.

Classical Savion (Eugene, Oregon) © Todd Cooper

In the q&a he did in the studio Friday morning, he mentioned his next production may be a show called Percussion Discussion. Just Savion and a percussion ensemble … in the dark. It would give the audience the chance to focus completely on the sounds he’s creating without watching his steps.
Some may say that he musta gotta hold of some of that Eugene green but I think he’s really onto something. His feet were the drums in Classical Savion and he was hitting rhythms I never would’ve expected. So I’d definitely be into seeing listening to Percussion Discussion.

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